SAP HANA Monitoring Views & Record Handling

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Some of the well known monitoring views and how can we manage the amount of data within it are as follows :


This view contains information about currently and recently executed SAP HANA SQLScript procedures.

User can use following parameters in order to control volume and retention of the data provided in the view:

  • indexserver.ini -> [sqlscript] -> execution_monitoring_limit

  • indexserver.ini -> [sqlscript] -> number_of_calls_to_retain_after_execution

  • indexserver.ini -> [sqlscript] -> retention_period (in seconds)

Tracking of active procedures (i.e. populating M_ACTIVE_PROCEDURES) can be completely deactivated depending on the SAP HANA Revision level:

SAP HANA 1.0: indexserver.ini -> [sqlscript] -> execution_monitoring_level = 0

SAP HANA >= 2.0: indexserver.ini -> [sqlscript] -> monitoring_level = 0


This view contains events in context of admission control . The number of records can be limited with the following parameter setting:

indexserver.ini -> [admission_control_events] -> record_limit

The default is 1000000 (SAP HANA <=, 2.00.030) / 10000 (SAP HANA >=, >= 2.00.031).


This view contains current and recent (history) connections. The retention time and maximum number depends on the following settings:

  • indexserver.ini -> [session] -> connection_history_lifetime (default: 60, unit: minutes)

  • indexserver.ini -> [session] -> connection_history_maximum_size (default: 100000)

While current connections always have a positive connection ID, the connection ID of history connections is negative.


This view is available as of SPS 08 and provides information about load operations in column store. It is based on the existing load trace files. In case of several hosts a significant amount of loads can be contained in the existing trace files. The creation, size and number of load trace files is controlled by the following parameters:

  • indexserver.ini -> [load_trace] -> enable (default: true)

  • indexserver.ini -> [load_trace] -> maxfiles (default: 10 files)