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SAP HANA Available, Used & Deprecated Features

In this blog post, I would be sharing a very basic information about SAP HANA features.

With every latest revision, we hustle sometimes in finding out whether a SAP HANA feature is newly introduced or deprecated from previous versions etc. This information is now easily available with SAP HANA monitoring views M_FEATURES and M_FEATURE_USAGE.


From Monitoring Views

These views are available for all Hana versions 1.0 and 2.0.

SYS.M_FEATURES : Provides information about all supported features. Eg:

SYS.M_FEATURE_USAGE : Provides detailed feature usage statistics. In this view, column name ‘IS_DEPRECATED’ if set to ‘TRUE’ it means feature is deprecated otherwise it’s available. Eg:


From SQL statements

You can use the following SQL statements available via SAP Note 1969700 to display this information:


Deprecated Features with HANA 2.0

There exists a nice SAP Note 2425002 which provides further details for features being deprecated with SAP HANA 2.0.

Earliest removal of a deprecated feature will be one SPS after deprecation start. The table below lists the specific information, migration steps to follow, and so on.

If you have any further questions, please contact SAP Support. :)

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